Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Mr. L's 2nd Birthday Portraits

I remember like it was yesterday getting the call that she is in active labor and moving fast. Pull up to the hospital with a text that she is 10cm and pushing, run to the security station flashing my badge and walking in to him crowning. Wheww I made it!!!

Gosh where on earth has the time gone?! It cant be possible that you are two

 Overalls, no shirt and chucks.... This little guy has stolen my heart <3

Another little guy I have documented since birth. Slow down Mr. L and HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!
"always remember you're braver than you believe stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" -winnie the pooh

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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Beautiful Water Birth at Baby+Company in Cary NC

Words cannot even begin to describe how powerful, empowering and purely beautiful this birth was to witness. I got a text message about 3:30am stating that contractions are steady and will be heading to the birthing center shortly to be checked. A short time later she said she deiced to come back home and labor as long as possible. A little before 8am i get a text that contractions are strong and water broke. At that time i knew it was game time. Jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my gear and headed to the birth center, a quick/long 45 mins. As I walk into the room I can tell things have progressed very quickly, her doula Hannah gave me a signal that it was game time! I grabbed my camera out of the bag and didn't even get to place my flash before she started to push. Within a few short moments baby was born and in his mommas arms. 

The doulas from WomanWise doula collective have become my second family. Being able to be in the room with two of my colleagues, one birthing the other doulaing was beyond rewarding. Watching and experiencing your calm presence Hannah was beyond words and Candace you my dear are a birthing goddess! 

<3 Congratulations Candace and Daniel on your baby boy <3

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Continuous presence of her doula

Doula giving positive words and presence

Midwife whispering in her ear slow breathing, baby is coming, reach down and grab your baby

That moment you realize he is here
Dads first touch
Look at all that 'birth'day frosting (Vernex)