Saturday, October 8, 2016

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I had the pleasure of being present for this special little ones "birth"day. 

Received a call about 4ish in the morning right as I was up breastfeeding my daughter that contractions have been 5 mins apart for the last two hours and they were heading into the hospital. Being it was a weekend all I had to do was put on some cloths, grab my bag, head out and call my sister doula Kimberly. On my arrival I was informed her water had just broken and they were going to admit.

Kimberly and I slowly made our way to the delivery room to set up Phüoc birthing tub and make her birthing space as relaxing as we could make it.

As Kimberly set up the birthing tub, we waited for the midwife on call to approve Phüoc water birth.

I remember Phüoc only sentence at this moment was " Can I be a seahorse now!" With what seemed like eternity for Phüoc as hard labor approached quickly. Her look changed almost instantly once she entered and was able to take a few moments to rest and relax in the warm therapeutic water.

Time for monitoring the baby and re heating the birthing tub water

Phüoc progressed from a good 5cm when she first entered the water to a 10 less than 2 hours later where she stated "is it okay to push?!"     

After about 4-6 pushes Baby C was born right into the arms of her daddy being the first person she ever touched and laid eyes on......

I CANNOT even begin to describe just how empowering this birth was

These are the moments the WORLD needs to see


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Phüoc and James for letting me enter your sacred birthing space and document this beautiful moment that will forever change your lives.

The joy, love, beauty and empowerment took my breath away and I am truly honored I was present and experience this along with you and your sweet family <3