Saturday, February 28, 2015

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I had the opportunity over the summer to document this amazing couples wedding at the outer-banks. Due to the crazy hurricane that hit just days before the wedding and the super winds that stuck around the day of, we had to move the wedding indoors. Even though all the chaos the wedding was absolutely beautiful. Such an amazing family!! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

North Carolina snow day photo shoot| Triad Photographer| Triad Teen photographer| Haw River children photography

I had an absolute blast taking this families photos! Who said snow days had to be gloomy? We took advantage of the beautiful backdrop and had fun jumping on the rocks in the Haw River. Couldn't of asked for a more beautiful family. These children and young adults are absolutely breathtaking!! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

North Carolina Wedding Photographer| Carolina Beach Wedding Photographer| Triad Wedding Photographer| North Carolina Engagement Photographer

I am absolutely honored to present this amazing family of now 8! Such an inspiring family that I have been able to become friends with.

Being Leslie is an AMAZING photographer herself I was on egg shells the entire wedding.

If you are interested in getting your big day documented please check out the pricing list on the right side on the page.

High quality video: 

Mobil device quality

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Maternity photographer Triad North Carolina| North Carolina Doula| Fayetteville North Carolina Doula| Doula services Triad North Carolina| Doula and Birth Documenting Services Triad North Carolina| Birth Services Triad North Carolina

     I am overly ecstatic at the amount of moms looking into an empowering birth experience. Wanting to take the drivers seat in their own labor instead of the back seat. I am honored to be apart of this big day, empowering YOU into making the right decisions, being involved and well educated in the birth/laboring process so YOU can go into labor with out any second thoughts. Labor is an intense dance that you have to take contraction by contraction. Knowing that every contraction is bringing you that much closer to holding that bundle of joy.

    To learn more about what a doula does and offers to a mother as well as her family please click the link below.

I have been honored to be apart of a few mothers journeys and overly joyous to take part in so many more through out the year!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Maternity photography| North Carolina Maternity Photographer| Elon Photographer| Triad North Carolina Photographer| Triad North Carolina Doula| Fayetteville North Carolina Doula|

I am over the moon with this amazingly beautiful family of almost three. It has been an honor to follow K through her pregnancy. Even though this journey is almost over (on my side of the fence that is) I cant wait for the phone call that she is in labor and all the hard work of birthing classes, reading and researching the birthing plan she desires comes to an end and her journey in life as a family of three begins. Being knowledgeable, believing in your body, having an amazing support system either with a doula or close family member and feeling empowered is the first steps in having an amazing birth experience.